Removing a Business from Cloud Edition

Hi @lubos

If you remove a business from Cloud edition:

  1. Does it remove completely from your servers?
  2. Is there a period where we can get it back?


Cloud edition works exactly the same as desktop or server edition which means business is not physically deleted - it’s just removed from the list of businesses. Eventually there will be multi-step process to really delete it. But even then it will be still possible to retrieve deleted business from cloud edition because we do keep backups for fairly long period of time.

I removed a business and it got removed in a second. There was no multi-step.

The issue here is, we have 2 businesses in one account and we have sold one business to another party - thus they want to make sure when we remove it from our account, it will be removed completely (after the backup file is given to them).

Pls confirm this


You should consult your accountant but I’m pretty sure you need to retain your business records even if you sell the business in case there is an audit. For example, in Australia, the requirement is to hold business records for 5 years after the sale of business.

so if business is removed, it will be removed from our account permanently right?

It will be removed but it will be also retained in our backups and is retrievable for some time.