Back up from cloud to desktop


I have no idea what I have done wrong with the backup. I started using cloud yesterday and I have followed the instructions on backing up cloud. When I go into desktop version and click on import backup it makes a new business tab under my business name. I now have 4 different backup names under my business name. How do I get rid of all of them? I’m to scared to click remove business incase I delete the whole thing. Could you tell me why it has done this and not just updated my info in desktop?


To get rid of any business, simply click Remove Business button, then select which business.

When importing backup from cloud to desktop, Manager will never override your existing data. It will simply add another business. It’s up to you to remove business copies you don’t want.

For example, each business copy could be made at different point of time. Perhaps for auditing purposes, you want to have access to each copy.