Remove "Paid in full" invoices from the drop down list


When I update bank transactions (just imported from the bank) I assign transaction to specific invoice. If I have few hundred invoices linked to customer, than all these hundreds invoices comes into drop-down list even if they are paid in full. It takes a lot of time to scroll down to bottom of type invoice number to get desired invoice selected.

How to show only unpaid invoiced in the list?



please search the forum before posting new questions. this question has been answered and explanations given many times.

I did.
No answers have been found.

To be more clear:
screenshot illustrates what I need.

If invoices #3 and #2are paid in full I don’t want to see them in the list.

Search harder. There are dozens of threads on this subject.

If you now one please share. I did search and couldn’t find the answer.

Search “unpaid invoices drop down” or “invoice list.”

Automatic Allocation of Payment Received - #12 by lubos (not very relevant but some information)
[16.7.73] Categorization against customer and supplier accounts more intuitive (just updates)
Request to reverse sort 'sales invoice' dropdown - #8 by Brucanna (my case, no answer)

I am sorry. It seems like “Remove “Paid in full” invoices from the drop down list” was requested many times and no solution was released yet.

That is correct. The reasons have been explained.

In this case what was the point to send me to the search again?

Because prior topics answered your questions.

Boldive - regardless of how many prior posts/explanations there have or have not been, I believe many of us agree that improvements could be made to allow for easier cash applications while entering a receipt. Whether via a pop-up ‘search and apply’ type function or changing the sort order and adding additional information columns such as date/open amount/original amount etc. to the drop down list.

I searched the ‘Ideas’ category of posts this morning and regardless could not find anything in the Ideas category with respect to providing an improved ‘cash receipt application process’ to find and apply receipts to customer invoices. I think most people would be open to any approach to providing this type of capability that the developer finds fit.

I would respectfully ask therefore that a 'mechanism for easier cash receipts application to customer invoices be added to the IDEAS list.

Thank you for considering.

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@alasdair, the reason this has not happened is because the developer has previously indicated opposition to precluding posting of transactions to paid sales invoices when a customer designates a receipt for a specific invoice—even if that designation is erroneous. This was linked to the addition of overpaid status for invoices. The idea was that it is easier to track down an errant transaction when it has been posted according to the customer’s instructions.

Likewise, there may be reasons you want to post a payment to a specific purchase invoice—again, even when already paid. Removal of paid invoices from the selection list eliminates both possibilities. Of course, the developer is free to change his opinion. But unless that happens, I will not give someone false hope by putting this frequent recommendation into the ideas category.

Respectfully I don’t see any conflict with Lubos’ desire and position to apply per customer instructions. Rather, I see a better search and/or list mechanism as a tool to enable the user to do just that and more efficiently follow the developers tenant of applying per customers instructions.

As an example we have a few customers for example that will send no remittance info or just ‘January Invoice’ $x. Hmm, that’s pretty specific application info - now if I only had an easier way to search for that invoice by date and/or open balance etc. it would be easier for me to follow the customers application instructions without jumping back and forth between tabs to figure it out and come back.

It is a definite paint point for several of us and I think this is a valid idea.

Anyway having added my thoughts to the discussion I will leave it to now moderators discretion.


@alasdair, I understand your points and sympathize with them. But they go well beyond the suggestion that started this thread, which was to simply delete paid invoices from the list. If you want to reframe your idea in a more generic fashion in new topic, I would put that into ideas.

Done - see Invoice search and Apply idea for Cash Applications


My question was how to remove (not to delete). Prior topics don’t explain how to remove. They only have similar questions from users like me.

Let’s stop to play words. If you don’t know the answer simply say there is no solution. If there is the answer how to remove paid in full invoices from the list than place a link or explain. It will save our time talking about nothing.

alasdair, on the first topic in my reference list I have counted 3x requests to remove paid in full invoices. :

My request is #4. I understand, requests are in the help forum, not in the ides list.

If you are not sure what majority of customers want, give them a switch in settings “ebable-disable”. Who doesn’t want to see “Paid in full” invoices in drop down list will enable this function. Or add simple descending/ascending order. It doesn’t make any sense to show two years old “paid in full” invoices first in the drop-down list. It points me on the coop student sitting in the programmers chair who did great job doing his first completed transaction in SQL search. Please don’t take it personally. Simple bug like that are very common. One of the reason why I had to return QuickBooks back for refund was very poor programming code behind very fancy interface. Customer support in is much much better than what QuickBooks can offer.

Regardless what few users per few thousands wants to see, common sense has to take priority as majority of us do simple straight forward operations every day. I wouldn’t say something like “March invoice” is common practice.

Another recommendation is short video lessons (2-3 min) how to resolve possible problems. That few minutes will save hours for us. Official guide as good as a bible on the shelve. If we have problem, the task is to find the answer asap, not to argue what is good or bad.

Thanks in advance!
Sorry if it sounds rude. Common sense must win.

@boldive, you seem not to have read the other topics, which explain at length why what you want does not exist. Venting your frustrations at other forum members does nothing to change the program.

I think it would help if the invoice had the amount displayed as well. The only other way is to print out a report list of all customer or suppliers and work from the printed report to see which invoice is paid. I have also noticed that only the invoice numbers are listed. It is very frustrating. No one can remember what the invoice number is of the payment. Date, Inv No & amount should be shown. Regards

@0842065720 An “idea” thread was created based on discussions here

You may want to vote for it.

I asked this question about a year ago. Best work around is to allocate the oldest payment first. I take a screen shot of the oldest outstanding invoices for that company, (keep that on one monitor) then go to imported bank transactions, go to the beginning of the months transactions and allocate them in the order they were paid. Manager automatically assigns each payment to the oldest outstanding invoice. Problem solved. I admit I’d like to see paid invoices not shown at all and we are a micro business with less transactions , but I’m using the free desk top version, so who can complain. Over all Manager is fantastic (try being ripped off by MYOB)