Invoice search and Apply idea for Cash Applications

Search function for cash applications.

When applying cash receipts to customer invoices currently the only mechanism to apply to invoices is to choose the appropriate invoice number from the list values/drop down list.

We have numerous customers that provide limited to no ‘remittance advice’ information or simply state ‘July Invoice’ etc. Others are paying the oldest one or two open invoices. It is not therefore always readily possible to quickly identify the correct invoices that the customer wants their payment applied to simply from the existing list of invoice numbers (both open and closed). Rather one must go to other tabs to look at the detail of available invoices.

A tool to be able to search/sort available open invoices and credits and match cash receipts to open invoices would be useful.

By being able to search/sort open invoices and get an application screen/pop-up or smart list showing not only invoice numbers but original dates and amounts, due dates and open amounts during cash application would make it much easier to find and apply receipts to customer invoices.

Ideally one could simply check which invoices to apply the receipt too, the default application amount for each invoice being the open amount (would be overridable in case of short pay etc.).

In summary I would like to propose the idea of a search and apply tool for ‘cash applications’.

It seems natural that such an idea should also apply for purchase invoices. I have moved this to the ideas category.

I also note that such a tool could be a way around the frequent request to have paid-up invoices disappear from the list, a concept that has drawbacks because it might force posting of receipts in contradiction of customer instructions. (If a customer overpays, the overpayment can currently be assigned per the customer’s instructions, resulting in an overpaid invoice. That makes it easier to correct the problem later. Having the invoice disappear could result in an unknown invoice being paid.)

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