Archiving Request

Is there or will there be any way to archive e.g. paid invoices to remove them from drop down list. This appears to be a request that @lubos is/was dealing with.

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You are looking at a five-year old post. The program did not evolve exactly as envisioned then. Many things on the list can now be made inactive. But invoices cannot.

One reason is the way Manager handles overpaid invoices. Suppose a customer sends you two checks marked for the same invoice. If fully paid ones did not appear in the list, where would you post the second? Presumably, you would not apply it elsewhere against the customer’s instructions. The introduction of overpaid tracking feature was for the purpose of preventing rolling application of overpayments, which could be very difficult to track down. The downside is that you need know which invoice you are looking for before selecting one.

I can understand that situation, but I was looking at the ever growing drop down list of invoices and me wanting to now archive e.g. all say 2016 and 2017 paid invoices to remove from the list, which are not realistically likely to have another payment made against them by the customer.


You are not the first, by far, to suggest this. The developer has expressed some openness in the past to introducing some type of limitation on invoice selection. Whether anything will change remains to be seen.

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Yes, I could see from the 2014 post that was @lubos clear intention, so hopefully this system upgrade is still within the realm of (not too distant future) possibility. The ability to archive invoices on demand by making them inactive I am sure would be welcomed across the board by users.

The way I look at it now, I see no problem with adding an option to make invoices Archived or Inactive. But this would be purely just user interface feature. All it would do would be to remove invoice from drop-down menus. It seems like some users really care about this, many don’t.


If you are going to do this, @lubos, I suggest Archive rather than Inactive. The terminology would be more descriptive of what actually happens, since the transactions themselves, and their effects, are not being inactivated.


@lubos I would prefer using closed or open to show invoices still open for payment or receipt


I’m sure all will be happy with whatever @lubos provides for the ability to remove old invoices from the dropdown lists.

I’m supporting this, there suppose a two separate category within drop down menu of which has been closed or still opening.

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I like this idea too.

A question comes to mind, how does this affect searching in the invoices tab? Or will this purely be for use in limiting the number of items in the drop-downs? If so, “closed” and “open” (or something along those lines) makes sense. Archive indicates “hidden” in some sense to me.

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There is not only a request for showing only open sales and purchase invoices but also the request to show the amount outstanding. This has also been requested for several times and already since a long time ago…


Any progress on this request???.

Hi @lubos
Any progress or possible timeline on this one?

Removing from ideas. This has been implemented as part of another topic.