Remove business button

At the starting manager page show create and delete company (business). It is risky . Instead it have under settings.for data safty

You need to make 5 clicks to delete a business. And even if you delete it, it is only deleted from the list of businesses. A business cannot be physically removed from hard-drive via user interface. It will be still in application data folder.

I mean summary page should be home page or starting page and create and delete company option should be under setting tab for more security of data or company

You can have more than one business. That’s why the initial screen shows list of businesses.

But who have only one business

List of business is ok but delete business option is must be under setting tab

Not sure what’s the issue here. Are you afraid someone (other than you) will remove a business? If you are using cloud edition or server edition, restricted users cannot create or remove businesses. They don’t see those buttons at all.

I m using desktop version. How can i secure my buisness data to delete by others (any one)

That is a matter of personal computer security. Put a password on your machine.

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