Remove An Entry Without an option to edit

I have one entry in my Equityb Account which I want to remove but edit and view options are not availabe why cant I remove the entry.

Please share screenshot to better understand your issue

You can use the Batch delete button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Cant do delete with that even I cant select it for batch delete.

Where is this screenshot taken? You need to include the breadcrumbs at the top of the list. You also need to indicate the edition (desktop, server or cloud) and the version of Manager, as well as the OS.

This looks like a journal entry. Correct?

To delete it you could find it in History, then click View in front of it and Undo.


That looks like the summary line.
Please include the context to clarify exactly which report that extract is from

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It comes from Summary > Undistributed Net Profit / Loss

I have similar but not sure if this is meant to be as shown so would need @lubos to assess if this is a bug as somehow it obviously changes the balances. It is even weird it is only four entries today (although different amounts but 3 are credit and 1 is debit not shown because of privacy).

It is not reflected in history. Maybe it is cloud as everyone can access it from anywhere.

I suspect you using cash not accrual based accounting. Manager does the conversion between the two by including an adjustment to balance out unpaid invoices.

Sorry @Patch but we do accrual accounting. I actually never clicked on this an it is probably not a bug but some automatic entry maybe related to forex.

Correct. And it’s got nothing to do with Manager’s edition or version. It’s what the description says it is Profit (loss) for the period, which is the Net profit amount on the summary page. And it’s always been there when clicking Retained earnings on the Summary page, at least I see it too on my production desktop version 20.8.67, which is logical as it is part of the Retained earnings.

@Mark the only question is why it generates four entries in my case and for similar businesses none.

@eko, does the business with multiple entries have divisions. If so, see: