Release notes for new versions

Kindly provide us with notes of the latest features added in each download so that we can take advantage of those latest features without experimenting the software

We are not planning to provide release notes for every version because they are just too many (20-40) releases in any given month.

The best way to receive updates is to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website. You will then receive summarized list of all new features every month.

If you would use an issue tracker that has the concept of versions it would be very easy to auto-generate a list of resolved issues for a given release. I’m thinking of something like Jira…
It would be helpful I suppose…

My plan is to create a system that will generate simple static blog from commit messages in version control. Not sure whether someone has done this before, I’ll do some research on this. This would provide automated way of publishing release notes without maintaining an issue tracker.

Hi guys,

I understand if the task for generating static content from commit messages from your source code control is not high on your team’s priority. And I know while Manager is a great piece of free software, it is not open-sourced.

But if your team need to offload lower priority tasks like this, I think some people in this community could help in some way.

For starters

  • what version control system do you guys use? git, hg, etc?
  • what build tool / framework do you guys use? make, grunt, gulp, maven etc?

I did experiment with commit messages behind the scenes but it was too much pain. In the end I decided to start a blog where I’m simply going to blog about what I’m working on.


I’m using Git (of course) and custom made build system.


Quick update:

Many Thanks!

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