What is new in the recent version 14.12.39?

I am new to Manager … so I have a lot to learn. When a new version comes out, how can I find out what is new about that version? e.g. I was running 14.12.27 and just downloaded the newest version 14.12.39. So how do I know what the difference is between the two? Where can I find this information?

Check out the new blog and this thread where we discussed release notes in the past.

Actually I have abandoned blog for now. I found it too distracting as it doesn’t really fit my workflow. All enhancements and new features are responses to topics on this forum.

Keep in mind, Manager is just a tool. If the tool works for you now, then new features might be irrelevant to you. You should still keep upgrading for bug fixes and enhancements to existing features you are already using.

If you need any new feature or have any issue, post topic about it and you will know as soon as your issue is resolved or feature added.

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Thank you

Maybe try a simple txt file on the server like manager.io/notes.txt and update it every time you update the program.

Something like this:

Update 14.20.4
• Fixed the templates
• New feature “search”
• …
• …


Thanks Miknor … that would be very helpful. Great idea! I hope to see something like that. Thanks!

Have a look at Releases | Manager

It shows list of changes version by version. It is automatically generated.


The changelog is great but it would also be great if there was a monthly synopsis informing users of any key enhancements that have been made, like the news letter you used to do.

I have only just started using Supplier / customer credit automatic allocation which is excellent and if I had known i would have started using it sooner.

Yahhhh! This will be helpful! Thanks!

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Changelog is here Releases | Manager