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The release notes on the website are not updated anymore since version 17.12.75 (10th of january 2018). Currently the download version is 18.1.9. I would like to know what major changes have been done that supports going from version 17 to 18.

Kind regards, Bart den Dulk

The version number is based on the year 2018, month 01 and the serial number of update.

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there have not been any major updates except for bug fixes since 17.12.75.
only the major updates are listed on the releases page.

Some changes are also implemented in preparation for bigger upcoming changes, but do not affect current functionality.

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Thx for enlightening me. I thought the unwritten standard in software development was that version numbers was done as follows: xx.yy.zz where xx is the major release; yy is a minor release en zz is a smal fix.

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I had the same delusion.

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I concur.

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@debartman @isklerius @acecombat2

You are all correct that the major.minor.patch format is ubiquitous in the software development world.

However, it’s not really a requirement - a developer can increment their software in any way - and there are large corporations that break this trend as well. For example, Ubuntu’s half-yearly major updates are as follows:

16.04 - Released April 2016
16.10 - Released October 2016
17.04 - Released April 2017
17.10 - Released October 2017
18.04 - Due to be released this April 2018

It just so happens that Manager follows a similar trend to Canonical (the makers of Ubuntu), in that version numbers are generally named after the month and year in which they are released.


You are absolutely correct, developer can do what he wishes to do. However it is not developer who is upgrading software and it is not developer who is using these numbers.

Version numbers in combination with change log is just a tool to give quick summary to the user of your software release.

Ubuntu has quarterly releases with comprehensive change logs and they all are major releases. It is more equivalent to upgrading Window 7 to Windows 8 in operating system terms. So their year/month actually describes major software upgrades and provides information. Please also do not forget about code names which is always in alphabetical order, to give user information on which release is newer.

I think @debartman got confused and maybe scared with major number increment, because that increment indicates some possible braking changes. Because there is no change log, you are left to assume that. Sometimes you don’t want to upgrade to latest version especially with braking changes, because you are on critical deadlines and if your software will stop working you won’t be able to meet them.

However if I need small functionality which just got released, and it is just minor release increment or revision, I would generally feel safe to upgrade. But if that small change command major release number you would probably be scared to upgrade, until you finish your critical work.

I think a lot of arguments about versioning is missing the point, which is that versioning is the way to give software user useful information and to help him decide to upgrade or not to upgrade.

It does not matter how you would accomplish that. For manager I think most suitable versioning would be single digit increment system indicating that it is newer than one before. Adding these years.months confuses users and gives wrong information. It is not released in quarterly cycles with testing unstable release followed stable one like in Ubuntu, when why to pretend that these numbers have any meaning at all?

Keep it simple 1.0.99999 or event 9999999, or if insisted on date make it obvious that it is date like “2018-01-26” so we know that it is the date it was built.

Precisely, I’m already happy camper when lubos added the release notes section. Previously it wasn’t causing me endless hysteria of wondering what changes has been made that might changed how things working especially the themes and the payables & receivables work flow.


Can you please keep the track of new releases since the last one on the website is
April 2022
29 Apr 2022 Improved “Purchase Invoice” tab so supplier code shows if available (see topic) 22.3.10

It really feels good to be aware of the enhancements which have been done (Even just a line to show what is the current release).
Thank you!

As you are aware there are many releases and indeed often no information given. For major releases information is at Releases | Manager and Releases · Manager-io/ · GitHub shows all the releases with or without explanation. The (kind of monthly) newsletter gives a summary narrative with more details so would advise to subscribe (see footer of the homepage at )

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Thanks, Done :+1::handshake: