Reference details against the job number

Kindly help us for the following:

We are in International Logistics field (Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker), In this scenario we need to insert many reference in the Invoice ( Our Logistics Service Charges Invoice) to the client and similarly for our vendor payment as well which is comes again to our Job sheet as well.

Few reference number as follows:

  1. Master Air Way Bill Number (MAWB)
  2. House Air Way Bill Number (HAWB)
  3. Master Bill of Lading Number (MBL)
  4. House Bill of Lading Number (HBL)
  5. Container Number
  6. Vessel Number
  7. Flight Number
  8. Voycee Number
  9. Shipping Bill Number
  10. Bill of Entry Number
  11. Origin Port
  12. Origin Country
  13. Destination Port
  14. Destination Country
  15. Shipper OR Suppliers Name & Address/ Contact Number
  16. Consignee Name and address / Contact Number

AND many more.

Kindly reply and help us to create all these as per above and how to go ahead,

Awaiting for your guideline


All of this information is not of an accounting nature so outside the scope of Manager, but what you could do is create a “master” text document which details all those requirements. When that document is completed then it can be stapled to the invoice.

@sdblogistics, this is the third time you have asked essentially the same question. If you keep doing this, your account will be blocked.

Sorry, If you feel like this!!!

Please do not consider this way, May be on aggressive way I questioned with details informative way and hence this looks double time etc… But intention was to clarify and gain the detailed knowledge. Nothing else.

Kindly let me know if we go for licensed version with cloud storage then is there any chances to make this software on a personalized way with the following addition??

(a) We need Invoice format in a different way including all the reference (Whichever required trade wise) mentioned earlier mail? (If possible to alter or accepted to you then we will give you the requisition and style of format) This is very important for our trade line and hence here is a request.

(b) Before Raising final Invoice to our client, we process our Job processing for 4 to 15 days and then raise the Invoice. Hence in this we need to “Create the Job” with “Job Booking Option”, with this option we will “book the job” and start processing and operation team will make the entry in the software about the expenditure, Income head wise & upload the required documents related to this Job during the process of job and finally close the job which will be convert into the INVOICE for our trade of EXPORTS and IMPORTS.
(i) We will create " INVOICE" - for all types of Billing purpose except Import services / Job.
(ii) We will create " CONSIGNMENT ARRIVAL NOTICE CUM INVOICE" - for all types of Import Billing purpose / Job.

© We need paper less office and hence required all the supporting to be attached besides the created job by uploading the files in different types of module (Like e mail outlook format, e mail gmail, yahoo etc format, JPEG, PDF, Scan doc, and many other format ).

(d) JOB Number, Invoice Number & Quotation Search Option.

(e) Activity wise Job creation facility like (i) AIR IMPORT (ii) AIR EXPORT (iii) SEA EXPORT (iv) SEA IMPORT (v) CUSTOMS CLEARANCE (vi) ROAD TRANSPORT. - Note This facility just you may create in setting and leave to us to create the options, so that we can can create the master and select as per our requirement - After all your advise must need in this regard how to go ahead.

(f) In the JOB Creation we need some INCOTERM as well, Like (i) Ex Works (ii) FOB (iii) FCA (iv) CIF (v) DDU (vi) DDP

(g) In the Invoice and also in the Job sheet column " REMARKS" option.

If you can provide us the above facility through your software in addition to your existed facility then kindly let us know the pricing.

We are interested and found your software is quite comfortable in all other aspects.

Will await for your valuable feedback in details

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Thanks in advance


Speaking as someone who spent 30+ years working in the Logistics, Shipping and Transport Industry, I think that you are looking for something beyond a straight forward accounting programme.
In my experience, what most Transport/Logistics/Shipping concerns require and indeed use, is a Sales & Purchase Order Processing Suite tailored to their requirements. This basically allows for all of the types of various data/information fields to be recorded that are relevant to the job/s being undertaken. In turn, detailed and extensive reporting facilities of that data is available. The trade is typically high-volume-low-margin work, and success is all about the Gross Margin, and any analysis of the core trading activities is undertaken there in near-real-time and not in the accounts programme as such.

In turn, there is then typically the ability to output the basic accounting information to the Accounting programme (such as Manager), which is then used for the purposes of recording and presenting the accounting information only, a job which Manager does very well IMHO.
Whilst it is possible to use the facilities in Manager (ie tracking codes) to record and report on many things if you are trading in any volume of transactions, you will most likely need to look to recording and reporting upon the data of your core activities elsewhere before any elements find their way into your accounting programme.

No. Customization services are not provided beyond standard features of the program.

Furthermore, solicitations for commercial work are not permitted on the forum. Please read:

I haven’t read all the comments above but i recently introduced a shipping company to Manager and they also gave me a list of details and numberings and codes they needed to put on sales invoices. Turned out that custom fields was perfect for them. They also had various ships which they classified as cost centers. Turned out that tracking codes was perfect.