Invoice Numbering

Hello hello. I need to number the various documents like sale invoices and/or payments e.g. INVnnnn or RECnnnn
I’ve seen that flagging the “reference” field on automatic it assigns a progressive number but it’s formatted like a single figure number (1, 2, etc…)
moreover, I need to input , in the purchase invoices, the same invoice number provided by the suppliers, but I’m not able to find a way to do it.
I haven’t been able to find a clear instruction in guide on how to do this.
An help would be appreciated, thanks a lot

You will have to create a custom field to hold this information Use custom fields | Manager

Manager does not support prefixes when using automatic reference numbers

There are already several threads about this on the forum. Did you search for them as the Forum FAQ/Rules demand?

The developer, @lubos, stated the following: