Link Invoice to payment

As a sporting club I issue some 300 invoices via Manager, which works great, but when I enter payments via QIF file import it would be great to be able to link the new payment directly to the new payment by having an INVOICE NUMBER BUTTON. This could be located next to the REFERENCE box so when I type in the Invoice reference number it would automatically import the invoice line items direct.
It would be great if the PAYEE information field would also be filled in with the payee name and their other details, address and email address linked to the document so when I review it under RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS under VIEW it would allow a fully automated document that when EMAIL it would hold all the correct information to email out via Manager.

May sound a bit complicated and would require a significant upgrade to Manager.

Suggestion only at this stage but a nicety for the future.

Kingsley Highet

This would result in double accounting, effectively duplicating the original invoice. A receipt against a sales invoice or payment against a purchase invoice is not a repetition of the original sale or purchase. It is a receipt for the obligation in Accounts receivable or payment of that in Accounts payable: different account(s), no item(s) to reference, different quantities (if any), possibly a different amount from any line item on the invoice.

This would require implementation of an idea languishing in the ideas category for years: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

No it wouldn’t. They are referring to recalling (invoice number button) an existing invoice not creating a new invoice. They are just trying to align an imported receipt against an existing invoice,

You may be right. But that is not how I interpreted the post. When they wrote, “…when I type in the Invoice reference number it would automatically import the invoice line items direct,” I interpreted that to mean, as an example, that when creating a payment for a purchase invoice, the program would import the same line items (items, accounts, quantities, discounts, unit prices, etc.) to the payment form as appeared on the purchase invoice. So if you recorded purchase of 10 units of Item X on the purchase invoice, you would also be recording purchase of 10 units of Item X on the payment form. Of course, what you should be doing is posting the payment to Accounts payable and the supplier’s subaccount—a totally different line item.

Rereading my post, I realize I accidentally left in the word reversing when I meant duplicating. That was the result of rewriting the post and missing an edit. I will edit my original post and your quote of it.

Guys you are correct I just wish to import the line items etc into the payment as currently I have to manually do this.

Then, as I said before, that is incorrect. A payment against a purchase invoice should contain only a line posted to Accounts payable, not all the lines on the original invoice. If you are doing this manually now, you are double-counting your expenses and understating your net income.