Recurring Journal Entries

Need recurring journal entries that are automatically posted.

First I will implement recurring invoices which is more common feature.

Any update on when recurring journal entries will be implemented? This is something that would be very useful to us. We currently use clone feature with future dates in some cases…a messy solution Thanks.

Well, recurring sales invoices have been already implemented. If I would make recurring journal entries work the same way as recurring invoices, would that work for you?

Have a look at how recurring invoices are implemented:

Yes it would, thanks. The only thing we are patiently waiting for after this is bank rules for importing bank transactions. Excellent work!

Hi, I’m probably missing something but did the recurring journal feature ever get implemented? I have a number of prepayments for which I use the clone feature but to have a recurring journal, especially with a cut off date, would be great. Sorry to revive and old topic but something like this would be super. Thanks.

That hasn’t been added yet.

Thanks for the update.

My understanding is that reversing journal entries are mostly used to record prepayments. I want to keep journal entries basic on purpose. There will be a new tab to record prepayments which will be more intuitive way to handle this.

Cool, thanks for implementing this so quickly.

Hello, I want to know whether the new tab for prepayment has been implemented or when will it or the
recurring journal entry will be available

No. All available tabs are visible when you click Customize.

No plan for recurring journal entries has ever been announced. Nor are dates for any changes announced in advance.