Banks or Cash Transaction in Journal Entry

Hi I create Bank Account under Cash at Bank. But when I want to do any transaction by Journal Entry and want to use Bank or Cash Account, I can’t see any Account name in my account list from Journal Entry.

Also I Can’t do any transaction using Payment or Receipt Voucher ! Because like this any Voucher entry form don’t have.

In Journal Entry as per my Knowledge Cash and Bank Transaction must need. If you take out from this side, please again put this option in Journal entry.

If journal entries were permitted, reconciling with the Bank Statement would be impossible, as the Bank could never have any knowledge that a journal existed - Banks only have knowledge of your money deposits and money payments.

Bank accounts involve the movement of money in and out. You can’t have adjusting (journal) entries as money is not being moved. Therefore its illogical and impractical to allow Journals to adjust bank accounts.

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You use “Receive Money” and Spend Money" to process those transactions. After the processing you can click “View” on any transaction and you see the Receipt and Payment Vouchers

Anyway, from Journal entry Cash Account and Bank Account must have access. Please Make for us. Thanks

And I say it doesn’t have to. There is no good reason to allow that.

This is your software and give us free. So, you can say anything. If this is Paid software, then only you can follow clients feedback, am I right ?

But for Account Adjustment purpose Journal Entry is only one way. Accounts start by Journal and Close also by Journal. In this world all Accounts professional know that, but from your software we get new knowledge !


That’s not relevant at all. I will implement all good ideas, some ideas are just not good enough or outright bad.

Nothing stops you from creating general ledger accounts and think of them as bank accounts. You don’t have to use Cash Accounts tab. You can disable it completely.

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:rofl: I like your attitude but there is a point there.
I want to enter opening balances for multiple cash and bank accounts as well as every other balance sheet account.

Option 1:
Create 1 journal entry for the entire balance sheet (Provided that only 1 guy can use cash and bank in Journals)

Option 2:
Create a receipt transaction for each and every cash and bank account separately and then create a journal entry for the rest of the items, which can be a lot of work for some clients.

Have you tried Enter starting balances guide

No I haven’t, thanks for the link. I guess we don’t need Journals for cash and bank anyway.