Reconciliation Report change

Since updating recently, I have found the Reconciliation Report has changed.
Details of individual Pending Withdrawals and Deposits are no longer shown, but this information is something I need to present to the committee of the social club for which I am treasurer. Is there any way I can return to the previous format, or is there a different report which could present this specific information?
Thanks for any guidance.


Unfortunately there is no report of the pending transactions when reconciling the bank account.

The best that can be done is to list the Pending Receipts and Payments by drilling down on the relevant account in the Bank Account tab. You could then export the lines to Excel and produce a report this way - far from ideal

Of course, you could add the lines manually to the Bank Reconciliation as long as you don’t have many. This is what I do :frowning:

Thank you. I did try to find similar questions, but obviously did not look hard enough. At least I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

How does that look on your ‘new’ Reconciliation Report? I am technologically challenged, so need simple instructions if I am to add the couple of lines necessary to list the specific transactions.

Sorry, very low tech. I print it out and add them manually - I can then scan the document back as a pdf as needed.

I could create a pdf but I don’t have tools to amend the pdf - I only use the free version of Acrobat

Pity there is not an Export option for the reconciliation report - then I could add the lines in Excel or Word :frowning:

Yes, me too. I used Microsoft Money until I inherited Manager from the previous treasurer of this club & it has taken me some time to understand it. I still use the trial & error approach for much of it.

in Windows you can copy by click and drag to select anything in Manager and paste it to any spreadsheet program like MS Excel. you do not need an Export option for this although its easier.

also, I personally have an Export to Excel option when i right click any page in Manager. I am not sure if it is available for everyone. If it helps, i use MS Office 2016.

  • Manager uses a web browser to display information to the user.

  • The copy to excel is a browser function

  • In all versions of Manager you can open a browser of your choice, the exact steps to acheive this varies with operating system (and standalone vs cloud/private server).

In firefox these addons enhance the native capability to extract tables of information

Thank you.
I did try to copy/paste rather than export (did I mention I am technologically challenged?) but that didn’t work too well.
Now I will have a go at adding the details of those pending items in the Excel spreadsheet & saving as a new document.
This will certainly allow me to present more informative reports to committee - even if we are not actually meeting at present - until there is a further update which just may rectify this problem.
Thank you everyone for your help.

my suggestion did not involve any browser. I am using the desktop edition of Manager. therefore, i do not think Copy to excel is any external browser function.

The desktop version uses a browser to display all information - it looks like it is not in a browser but in fact it is a browser interface.

Right click a tab or other link and select open in new window