Bank Reconciliation Printouts

Just downloaded the desktop version and cannot find how to printout a bank reconciliation that shows all the transactions for the period being successfully reconciled. This is critical for our accounts structure being a not-for-profit club. I have uploaded an example of what I am looking to print - I am certain this feature must be available and I just can’t find it as I have not come across accounting software that does not have this feature.

Please assist as the rest of the software looks very good!

Hey Adam,

I also think bank reconciliation statements need a bit of work. Ideally in my opinion, these statements should be part of the Reports tab, allow the saving/printing of multiple statements, and simply read:

Bank Balance on 31/10/2015 as per Bank Statement = $10,000
ADD: Uncleared Deposits

  1. Description… + $70
  2. Description… + $550
  3. Description… + $100
    SUBTRACT: Uncleared Payments
  4. Description… - $40
  5. Description… - $100
    Bank Balance on 31/10/2015 as per Accounting Records = $10,580

Something like this is on the “wish list” of many people who use Manager I think.

Thanks Lachy. Its a bit disappointing that this feature is not already a part of the software - I think its fundamental.

I also cannot find an “account enquiry” report where I can pull up all transaction based on a certain line account line from the chart of accounts - have a missed that or is this another report not available?

Click on the blue account balance on the Summary page for the account you want to see. You get a full listing of everything affecting that account’s balance. You can export the list.

I also note that the reconciliation report you showed as an example isn’t very useful. It has no opening balance, so you can’t tell what was done by whatever software generated it. It specifically doesn’t offer anything that substantiates the 0.00 out of balance figure. So, while the format of what it offers is different than what Manager provides, it gives no additional useful information.

Tut, thanks for the heads up. The export is only in .tsv and no report headings, date ranges etc exported with it? Unfortunately, The .tsv file not very well formatted - not formatted well enough to offer at member meetings.

Whilst I take your point that reconciliation I’ve supplied is not ideal and I agree it would be enhanced with the previous balance plus receipts less payments = end balance it does have the information required to make auditing easy as far as checking off receipts and payments against the invoices and or payment receipts.

We have several bank accounts - I am sure I need to check something in setting but cannot find it - all the bank accounts (and cash accounts) are combining into one line ‘Cash at bank’ or ‘Cash on hand’. on the balance sheet - I need all the bank/cash accounts to be listed separate for transparency - how do I do that please?

You are correct, but the .tsv file is very easily imported into Excel, where you can manipulate it however you desire, including creating charts, performing statistical analyses, etc. Manager is an accounting program, not a presentation program.

Separate listing of individual bank accounts on a balance sheet is not normal accounting practice. Look, for example, at balance sheets presented in annual corporate reports. You never see individual accounts listed. If you want this type of specialized information, you will need to create it yourself. You can do that by exporting necessary information and creating reports outside Manager.

It would be impossible for Manager’s development team to envision every report every company might want to use. So they stuck to the standard ones every company needs and provided the export feature. This is meant to be a simple program. Many users chose it for that reason. There has actually been backlash on this forum when people have suggested making it substantially more elaborate. Nevertheless, features keep seeing added and capabilities are constantly being enhanced. If it meets your needs, welcome to the forum. If it doesn’t, perhaps another product would be better for you. I think, however, you will find it quite useful. There are several frequent users of the forum who use the program for club accounting.

Thanks Tut, the program has a lot of good features and some that, in my opinion, need work. I have used several packages in my business and at others I have consulted to, I guess none of them follow ‘normal accounting practice’ as they all list each bank account separately and that is something for our situation is required. The system generated reports are well laid out - but the export is woeful - why would anyone want to spend time adding critical information such as report name and date ranges when all other products produce the report from the software itself. I may sound negative, but you use software to assist not to cause more work. Having said that I think there are some work arounds. The major issue with this software (noticed so far) is the reconciliation feature - I think it is essential to have a print out of the reconciliation with all the transactions listed, plus the bank balances (input by user) and what the system expects from the bank - variance has to be $0 to continue. Having said that there are many points I like as well.