Generl Ledger transction report


Can the general ledger transction report have display of balance after every txn.

No it does not

Are you looking to add this as an idea - what would the business case for doing so be?

I don’t think it would be very useful - you could always export the report to Excel for example and add a running balance if that’s what you need

copy from ledger to xls sheet does not work proper. it did not work google sheet and also msoffice on web

In v20.7.25 both options ‘Copy to clipboard’ and ‘Export’ work well. The only improvement could be copying the dates into a separate column.

@Partha, it is not clear what you are complaining about., the design of the General Ledger Transactions report or your inability to paste exported TSV files into spreadsheets. Please limit your posts to one subject in a thread.


GL txn report when copied to clipboard and pasted to xls sheet, it does not work proper. I have latest version, still it is not getting pasted as a table

This is not helpful. How does it “not work proper?” I just tried this and its works perfectly. All I need to do to have a perfectly formatted spreadsheet is adjust one column width. Any difficulty you are having is almost certainly the result of your spreadsheet settings or pasting options.

I think he wants to have the details on the description pasted into separate columns but it isn’t clear from his comments as he is not being specific in how it is not working properly

You can easily do this in Excel using the Text to Columns feature


Sorry, it is pasting all data in one line. if it paste in mutlipe row, i can do text to column. copy and paste works perfect in balance sheet. incidently

Can you illustrate what you mean with a screen shot?

When I export the G/L Transaction Report I get

Select what I want to export
Copy and paste in Excel
Change column width
Ready for Text to Column

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@Joe91’s example is exactly what I get, too. If you use Copy to Clipboard instead of Export, even the font sizes are preserved.


when it tried to paste in office online, it is not working. i am doing the paste of both


One again sorry. i was using copy to clipboard. i tried now export. it is working fine. Any how thanks for prompt response guys.

use “Paste special…”
It will then give you several options.
The other options work better than the default

Failing that, browser extensions such as listed here provide greater flexibility again