Recommendation for payment form change

All I’m asking is to have a custom field in Payment’s lines, Using it after that for any purpose it is up to the user of the system according to his business nature or goal
but I got a strong rejection and the subject was closed permanently
so all I can do is to wait till you make it someday in the future, which will be needed for sure

Sorry but you did not. Only after discussion you yielded to this.

My dear … it is just work, so let us not be too sensitive
and if you check my first post you will find that I cleared all
So please let us help each other to meet clients expectaions
Thank you

@Ealfardan gave you the best solution clearing multiple expense claims with one payment.

Replies in this topic are no longer thoughtful.

@Yaser custom fields to line item on payments and receipts will be added. I have new work planned for custom fields that will resolve quite a few issues including this one.

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