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It is requested to please add payment feature in followings:

  1. ‘New Payment’ option in expense claim voucher.

  2. Amount to Pay’ option in expense claim tab like in employees tab and should function like same for multiple claim payments in a single voucher.

This would not be compatible with the expense claim structure of the program. For 2 of the 3 categories of expense claim payers, employees and capital account members, the expense claim liability is posted directly and automatically to an existing account. For employees, it is posted to Employee clearing account. For capital account members, it is posted to Capital accounts. Therefore, there is nothing to pay.

For reasons explained above, the Expense Claims tab listing is not a record of amounts owed. It is only a list of expense claim transactions, which can be posted as liabilities to 3 different places. Amounts owed can be viewed by drilling down on the relevant control accounts:

  • Expense claims
  • Employee clearing account
  • Capital accounts

In each case, the overall account balance is broken out in the drill-down by expense claim payer, employee, or member.

Thank you for your prompt response.

We have explored said options, what about the last third option? as we have opt to separate these three and use the third option specially for reimbursement claims.

Noted. Our request is to process bulk claims with a single cheque payment otherwise we might need to add multiple entries manually or prepare separate cheque for each claimant.

There is nothing to stop you paying any number of outstanding claims with one payment.

Make a note of the amount due and make one payment to each claimant for his/her total

Thanks @Joe91 for the suggestion. We also tried the same and liability account will off-set however Reports → Expense Claim Summary takes individual parameters for Expenses claims.

Previously, we used employee clearing account but it affects payroll and its disbursement. We do not want such claims/reimbursement to be included in payroll. Beside Expense Claim option is wisely design and support in more visibility. This is just if above feature is added then said report will give accurate result.

What do you mean by this? If you have defined all your expense claims payers as such under Settings, and use them properly when entering expense claims (instead of accidentally using the same person’s employee listing), the Expense Claims Summary will accurately include all their claims. The report is clickable.

The only way the report could be wrong is if you do not designate the correct expense claim payer on the claim entry form.

We have noted the guidelines and followed the instructions; expenses are recorded properly.

I was referring to

At present, we understand that a cheque payment can be processed for multiple claimant while adding the lines and payers in payment voucher.

Our request is that if there is any way, if multiple payer can be selected on one click to ease the payment process!

if we opt this suggestion then, then which payer do one suppose to select?

You cannot, you have to pay each claimant separately

Out of interest, do you use expense claims a lot?

Thanks @Joe91 for said clarification.

Not yet. We have multiple divisions but payment system is central and considering its dynamics it seems more relevant and feasible to synchronize. Process till claiming the expense is fine only lengthy exercise for payment, let us see if we can find any other option in between or Manager would be able to pick the idea and add this feature.

Thanks once again!

A payment can only go to one payee.

Based on what you have written, it seems that these expense claim payers are employees. My personal recommendation would be to record the expense claims under their employee identification and not define them separately as expense claim payers. That is just extra work. But that is your choice.

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