Can't download the new desktop version

I cannot download the new desktop version, I have tried several times but keeps getting download failed or failed-forbidden. What might be the issue @lubos

What operating system are you downloading for? I just downloaded the latest macOS version without difficulty.

Windows 10 64Bits

You need to post the screenshot of the error. This will give clues where the error is coming from…

No problem here DLing Manager-x64 v20.10.53.msi on W10 x64 and Firefox browser.

Where are you downloading it from?


I know you have already answered this, but are you certain your PC is 64-bit? That is an antiquated looking icon.

Yes very sure. Am beginning to think it’s the hosting server for the file being downloaded. It grants permission to download to some extent and then refuses permission to complete the download. The server version downloads fine. @lubos can you please look into it for me?

I have downloaded without any problem although it seemed a little longer to finish than previously.

The MSI file is now 98 up from 78 last time so maybe there is a problem of bandwidth and timeouts

Yes precisely. There is definitely a problem somewhere, something just ain’t right. It was not so from the beginning.

I don’t think the problem is with the server - I was able to download it twice to 2 different PCs without a problem.

It might be your internet connection causing a problem

Is your antivirus software closing the connection?

I assume other larger files downloaded reliably.



Finally, I was able to completely download it today. I guess it was a network connection issue from my end. It kept longer to download than before. Thanks all for your help attempts.

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