Received in Not showing on printed receipt

Dear Sir,
Usually, receipts show where the money was received (Cash, Bank … etc)
But according to the standard view of Receipts in Manager, it shows only Paid by (the client)
so I was wondering if there is any way to show (Received in) on the printed document?
I have tried searching in the forum about this, but I couldn’t find any.
Thank you!

No, there is no way to show the account the money was received without setting up a custom field

The receipt is for your customers and it is no business of theirs to know what Bank or cash account your business uses

@Joe91 I think new implementation of footers can show bank account name on receipts.

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But as I believe any receipt must show how the value was paid (Cash or in any other way)
Adding a custom field is extra work, just to have the option of showing (Received in) on Document or no would be more than enough!

When you are using footers on receipt, you can use the following merge tags:

So to show bank account, use @@ReceivedIn@@ merge tag.