Paid with ..... Invoice

After the merging we have a problem regarding the accounts.
Before when an invoice was paid, the invoice used to say cash or bank receipt and the date.
This was important for us because we have multiple cash and bank accounts.

Now it does not say if it was cash or bank receipt its just receipt.


Our manager wants to know in which account the payment was received is there an option for the account name to appear in the invoice.

There is no such option.

Previously, bank and cash receipts were labeled differently because they were found in different tabs. You had to know which one it was to know where to look. Now that they are in the same tab, you don’t need that information. You have the date, amount, and contact, all three of which show in the Receipts & Payments tab. When you locate the correct receipt, the account it went into is listed, too.

Remember that printed receipts are meant to be given to customers, who have no business knowing where you deposited their money.

Yeah I understand but is there an option for me to add a way to show the account in the invoice with the help of custom invoice or custom fields.

Yes. Use a custom field. I would recommend using a dropdown list to standardize the terminology used for your various accounts. Read the Guide: