Receive Money Bug?

When receiving money for invoice, the amount is auto-entered as a negative therefore doubling the amount the customer owes instead of leaving a zero balance.

It will give more clarity if you could upload screenshot of your invoice.

Here it is.

While applying payment was the unit price entered manually? I am sure it is a manual error when entering the value. Try deleting and applying the payment again.

@sparky is right.

Manager creates a negative amount when creates the receipt, i.e. puts -77.00 instead 77.00.

If you remove the minus sign, it’s all good.


the latest update seems to have this bug.

I tried to reproduce it. When we receive money from the cash accounts and select the invoice, the value does not auto-populate. But when receive money for an invoice from the sales invoice module, the unit price is automatically populated with a negative value.

Sorry about this. Fixed in the latest version (17.6.3)

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