Receipt bug?

I am testing out the software and encountered a little issue in regard to the Receipt under RECEIVE MONEY of both Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts.

Under the Account of the Receipt, I chose Inventory - sales from the Suspense, and then chose an inventory item, the Amount automatically displayed the sale price. Then came the problem when I entered the quantity, the Amount does not times up the number of quantities entered. The Amount remains as 1 qty.

But when I used Sales Invoices, the entering of the quantity, the Amount would automatically times up the number of qty entered.

I don’t know whether it is a bug or not, but I think it is something to fix.

Well, when you are creating new invoice, you want to specify what you are selling and then let the system calculate the price.

When it comes to receiving money, typically you already know how much you have received so what you want to do is to categorize what was the amount received for.

Well noted. I will take it as a manual entry for any money received.