Selling inventory through Cash Accounts / Bank Accounts

I discovered a bug in Receive Money in Cash Accounts & Bank Accounts. The system is not able to calculate the total amount correctly with the quantity and amount. See attached picture for reference.

Is it a bug? Appreciate if there’s a fix to this.

Thank you!

It’s not a bug. The amount represents total. If you are selling inventory item, you have an option to enter qty too so the system can correctly calculate cost of goods sold and decrease inventory on hand by correct amount.

One improvement to avoid this confusion I can think of is to show “Unit Price” column when Manager detects you are selling inventory (similar to how it is done now on invoices)

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Thank you Lubos!

Got it. But when I create the receipt, the “unit price” on the receipt is the “amount” during create/edit. And the “amount” in the receipt is not the same as the “amount” during create/edit. Is there any way to solve this?

For now, to avoid this problem, I will just put Qty as 1 and the “amount” as the total amount.


Hi Lubos,

is there any solution for my previous reply? Thanks.

Yes, this is a bug. It will be fixed tomorrow.

Hi Lubos,

Thank you. Looking forward to getting it fixed!

Sorry it took a bit longer but it’s fixed in the latest version now (14.12.14)