Receive and spent money - Not sure why supplier name does not showing up


I am a bit confused on this one.

I clicked on my bank account and then “spend money”.

On this new page I would like to select the name of the supplier that I have to pay in the “payee” field but no drop down menu of my supplier’s name are showing.

Could someone explain to me why we cannot choose a supplier or vice versa in “receive money” we cannot choose a customer name unless an invoice is generated?

Thank you.

Ok I checked out some buttons on the left side of the screen which were hidden.
I found sale invoice and purchase invoice. From what I understand, you have to use both of them to see the customer name from the dropdown list. I am not understanding what the receive and spend money are for, are they only for bank charges, interest and things entries like those?

Thank you

They are for:
Receiving and Paying money from/to Customers & Suppliers
Cash sales & purchases which don’t involve invoices from Customers & Suppliers
Any other cash transaction such as bank charges, interest, wages, drawings etc.

The payee field gets populate by names entered, once a supplier has been entered it will then appear in the drop down

Thanks Brucanna and I think there is a bug then in the version 17.4.18.

I only see the customers or suppliers dropdown menu when I use purchase and sale invoices.
When I use the receive/spend money buttons, it only shows an input field in the “payee” area, even if I type correctly the name of the customer or supplier, nothing shows up.

I recorded a video to show you the problem

As I said “once a supplier has been entered it will then appear in the drop down” from then on, the second time

Yes my suppliers are entered in the system, did you watch the video? The drop down only shows for the purchase and sales invoices not in the “spend or receive screen”.

To clarify - once a supplier has been entered in the payee field it will then appear in the drop down" from then on, the second time.

The Receive/Spend Money Payer/Payee field is not linked to the Customers/Suppliers tabs.
The Payer/Payee drop down is only populate by names entered into those fields.
Once a customer/supplier has been entered into the payer/payee field, then and only then will it appear in the respective drop down.

oh I see…this is strange isn’t it as both are customers/suppliers.

Some of the suppliers will have a V.A.T number I would like to add this in the receipt for tax purpose.
It looks like each time I will have to make a purchase order(which I should not make really) to register this vat data per supplier.

When these customers are added, can we access them and add more data to them?(address, vat no and others) or is this database not accessible apart from the drop down menu?

Thank you.

It is not strange at all, it provides flexibility - for example
You have a supplier called ABC Supplies, but ABC Supplies is only the trading name for XYZ Company.
On the Invoice it states - Please make all cheques payable to XYZ Company.

Why, the supplier puts the VAT number on their invoice, why do you need to tell the Supplier their VAT number on their payment advice (Note receipts are for customers, not suppliers)

Not sure how purchase orders comes into it, but no. You can recorder the Suppliers VAT number as part of their address.


I have input now the supplier in the “Payee” field but nothing shows on the second, third or fourth time. Must be a bug as I followed exactly what you told me.
This is a brand new version of 17.4.18.

@bambinou is right. Auto-complete feature, from previous entries, don’t work anymore. I believe this happen when 17.4.x introduced.

Maybe is platform specific. I’m on iMac with macOS Sierra, Manager 17.4.14.

I elevated this as a bug.

Glad to know it was a bug and not me :slight_smile:

Thanks for double checking the bug ntrim and Tut for putting it as a bug.

I have added quite a lot of “Payee” and amounts, I was trying to run a report that shows all the “Payee”(suppliers of service) but the report shows no payee at all, is this bug related to the one above?
I believe the system is not recording at all the Payee names and therefore cannot build the report.

Could you please tell me where I can follow the process of this bug please as it is a very important one to fix. thank you.

Payees entered on payment forms do not have “accounts” in Manager. Other than the transactions themselves, no records are kept for them. If you want to be able to produce a statement of transactions for a supplier, you must use purchase invoices and enter defined Suppliers. Suppliers have subaccounts of Accounts payable.

There is nowhere to monitor progress. When a bug is fixed, that fact is generally posted on the thread where it was originally reported.

Fixed in the latest version (17.4.23)