How does one pay a supplier?

I could not find any simple way to pay a supplier.
In Sales INvoices there is a Payment button.
See none to pay suppliers.

If they send you a bill and you pay it immediately (therefore NOT creating an account payable), simply go to the bank or cash account where you will get the funds and use Spend Money button. Allocate the payment to the appropriate expense account.

Create the supplier in the Suppliers tab.
Then create a purchase invoice made out to the supplier. Then click spend money and you pay the supplier.

I would use Tut’s method for paying bills like a direct debit. I prefer to create a proper purchase invoice so that I can print the supplier invoice and staple it to the invoice in manager and file in my business file.

I would suggest that you have a look at the guides as this will explain how to use Manager effectively. Having said that, the guides are still being updated and there is very little info at present.

Have a look at this youtube channel
Manager Tutorials

Thanks for this, I was generating Purchase Orders and the Spend Money option is not there but I can Copy To - New Sales Invoice and then Spend the Money from there

@robyn, a sales invoice should never be used in connection with paying a supplier. And you cannot Spend Money from a sales invoice, only Receive Money against that specific invoice.So I am not sure what you are saying. Can you please explain in more detail?

Sorry, I meant a Purchase Invoice, you can’t make a Sales Invoice from a Purchase Order. Slip of the fingers

@dalacor I finally figured out how to do this Dalacor after reading and re-reading your comment. I also looked at the Youtube video. However Youtube Video is very fast and very hard to read even on my 27" screen. So is there anywhere you can refer me to to read about Purchase Invoices? (Is the Purchase Invoice sent from my supplier to me? (because then my Canadian supplier calls it a Sales Order).
Any references anywhere even outside of Manager that explain Purchase Invoices?
I think I will love this program when I get used to the differences.

Terminology is different in different countries so it can get confusing.

I will explain the process that I think should be used.

A client asks you to get them a laptop.
You issue the client with a sales quote
The client accepts your quote and they create a purchase order (if they are a government institution or firm that uses purchase orders. They send you their purchase order (if they do it properly), most people just email and say yes get that laptop.
You create a sales order which accomplishes two things. One you can send it to the client and that is their confirmation of the order that has taken place. Secondly, it could be used to remind you to invoice this client once goods are delivered. Thats what I intend to use the sales order for. You don’t have to use sales orders at all. It is optional and depends on what task you want to accomplish.
Once the client has received the goods which you could issue with Delivery Note you then issue them with a sales invoice which is their bill which they need to pay!
Once they have paid you, you open the sales invoice and click on receive money to record the moneterial transaction.

So for clients you use sales quotes - sales order - sales invoice- receive money. The sales quote and sales orders do not affect your financial statements in any way. They are more documents useful for you. It is only when you issue a sales invoice that a financial transaction occurs in Manager where the program records that a client owes you xyz and when you click on receive money, manager records that the client has paid the money.

For suppliers, you only need a purchase order in the following instances. When a supplier needs your purchase order number and the second instance where a purchase order is useful is to put an order on the system (sort of like a reminder) that you want to make a purchase, but you are not ready to buy that item yet. Purchase Orders in my opinion are more like reminders that you want to buy xyz, but you are not paying for the item just yet.

When you are buying from a supplier, remember that you are the client, so you may get a sales order from them. This is their confirmation that you have placed an order exactly when you are the supplier and you provide your client with a sales order to confirm their order has taken place.

Purchase Invoices is when your purchase affects your financial accounts in manager in that you are recording that you owe a supplier xyz. When you spend money, you are recording in manager that you have paid the supplier.

So invoices (Sales and Purchase) record financial transactions. Orders (Sales and Purchase) merely record that an order has taken place between you and your client/supplier, but no financial transaction has as yet taken place. Orders do not need to be used, but can useful in running your business.

Thats the way I see orders and invoices.

So for suppliers the path is purchase orders - purchase invoices - spend money. It is optional to use purchase orders and some people don’t even bother with purchase invoices. They simply go to bank account and spend money and select supplier there. I prefer to use purchase invoices so that I can create a purchase invoice for each transaction and staple it with the suppliers invoice and file it in my file for tax purchases in the event of a tax audit. Much easier to follow than going through the bank account.

This is probably not the best explanation in the world, but this is how I see how orders and invoices work. It ultimately depends on what task you want to accomplish.

when i following mentioned step and i use spend money to pay the purchase invoice it dose nor deduct amount but adding stock as if im buying more

i just need to pay the supplier for the invoice and clear account

please advise

There were many “mentioned steps.” What exactly did you do? What happened? Why do you think there is a problem? Show screen shots. Meanwhile, rather than rely on a forum topic almost a year and a half old, read the Guides. For example: