Suggestion for name on transactions screen

name on the transactions is missing to whom transaction we are viewing
not even mentioned in the tree given on the upper left corner

You are showing a drill-down on the Accounts payable balance for a particular supplier from the Suppliers tab. The supplier’s name is shown in the Contact column.

The “breadcrumbs” information you refer to shows you the page from which you reached the one you are on. In this case, it was the Suppliers list.

it don’t show the supplier name in contacts column until we have a purchase from that customer

Customers will not show in Suppliers transactions. What you are looking at is the list of transactions that contribute to the Accounts payable balance of a single supplier. Customers have nothing to do with that.

And if you have no transactions from a supplier, there will be nothing in the list. The page will come up Empty:


So I do not see why you think there is a problem. If you have any transactions, the supplier’s name will show on every line. If you have no transactions, the display itself will not appear.

sorry it was a typing mistake, i mean to say supplier not customer
some time it don’t show the supplier name in transactions drill down e.g.

you seem to be adopting some wrong accounting practice.
your Contact shows Day Expenses which does not look like a supplier. you seem to be recording your daily business expenses as a purchase invoice which is not correct accounting practice.

i used to record my daily ledger as spend money i.e. paying money to the suppliers on the collection day and name it as Day Expenses. is it wrong?

No, but it is unusual to do this with Manager.

Do you enter your purchase invoices or just the payments?

If you want more details about the payments, then you need to either 1) setup Suppliers, enter the purchase invoices for each supplier and the payments made separately or 2) enter each payment in a separate Spend Money transaction and put the name of the supplier in the Payee field

thank @Joe91, yes it works but its handy for me to each time open spend money separately for each supplier and daily expenses so i enter it all in one just for my own reference.

@Ajmal.khan, what you are doing means Manager does not have any information about who your suppliers are. Therefore, you cannot expect it to show the information you have not entered. If you want supplier identities to show, you must create each supplier separately and account separately for their purchase invoices and the payments you make against them.

If you are not buying on credit (and you cannot be if you are not recording suppliers’ identities), you don’t need purchase invoices at all. See this Guide: For cash payments without a purchase invoice, you can enter the supplier’s name as the Payee, and that will show in the Contact column.

thanks @Tut, what i have posted is suppliers list drill down image, and i buy items on credit by entering items through purchase invoice but what i do is to make a spend money once only at the end of day for suppliers and also the expenses of that day,
is it necessary to pay each vendor/supplier through separate spend money and enter the expenses separately, is it a wrong practice to enter all in one go at the end of the day? thanks

Do you have a separate supplier’s account for each supplier or do you have just one supplier’s account?

It isn’t wrong to have just one supplier’s account but it isn’t necessary either. If you do not want to keep track of supplier’s purchases then it isn’t necessary to enter purchase invoices - just do a Spend Money transaction at the end of the day.

No one can answer the question is it right or correct practise - that is down to you

I won’t say it is wrong. But I will say it is pointless. How can you buy on credit if you don’t record who you owe the money?

I got the impression that he wasn’t buying on credit but I could be wrong.

Not if they are Cash Account transactions as they can be bundled, but Bank Account transactions need to match up with Bank Statement entries.


Correct, but if you specify a Payee different from the Supplier in the Spend Money then that Payee shows instead of the Supplier.


thanks @Brucanna, i enter cash transactions not bank transactions as you mentioned above
yes if i put all collectively and what ever i write in payee it appears in contacts column
what was my point is that from a supplier’s list when we drill down to the transactions list there should be some clue as breadcrumbs are added if we forget at any transaction where we are and to whom transactions we are viewing, my point was that there should be some thing to remember us to whom(supplier) transactions we are drilling down. i.e.
what m suggesting is to add supplier name here to whom we are viewing transactions.

I have finally understood what the original question was!

Starting from the Summary, click on Suppliers tab

Then click on a suppliers Account Balance to drill down to transaction

The list of transactions does not have any indication of which supplier was chosen in the previous list

Even though the Bank transaction is clearly linked to the supplier and the invoice has the supplier identified as well

YES IT IS my friend, what i failed to convey :sweat_smile:

Not having that issue - Suppliers tab

Clicking on Supplier A - Accounts Payable balance and the “Contacts” display

where is the supplier name you are drilling down to?