Receipts stop updating inventory

I just found inventory is not updating if receipts is used to record cash sale.
It looks like that updates stopped in mid November 2021.

See This.
It may help you on your problem.

Thank you.
But I don’t think they are the same issue.

then please explain your issue better. no one else can see what your issue are unless you post details and screenshots for the same.

Also be sure your software is up to date. A recently fixed bug may be responsible.

I have installed the version 21.11.98, which is the latest version so far.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? After using receipts to record sale, the quantity of the relevant inventory item is unchanged, It should be reduced automatically.

Could you illustrate by sharing at least these:

  • The edit screen of the receipt in question
  • The screen where you check for inventory movement after creating the receipt.

Thank you Ealfardan. When I trying to do the screen shots, I found what caused the issue. I did not tick the “Colum - Qty”, so Manager did not update the quantity of the inventory item.
Now problem solved. Thank you guys.

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