Inventory quantity not correctly reflected on tab Inventory Items

Using Manager version 21.11.95

I recorded a transaction in tab “Payment”, where I selected an item of inventory, entered the quantity and entered the amount. Now if I go to tab “Inventory Items”, I see the inventory item listed there with the amount, but quantity appears as zero. Inventory quantity report does not list this item either. Inventory value summary report does indeed show the inventory item with the amount.

I think this is a bug.

Show the edit screen of a) the inventory item and b) of the payment.

@slavaf2000, do you have the Goods Receipts tab enabled? And is the inventory item designated to track quantities to receive? And did you create a goods receipt?

The answer is No to all your questions. Is this a new procedure in the new version? I’ve never had to do any of these steps with an earlier version of Manager

It was new earlier this year. Whether this was in effect on your old version depends on what version that was.

But, if you don’t have the Goods Receipts tab enabled, none of it matters. Manager assumes the quantity is on hand the instant a purchase invoice or payment is created.

I can duplicate this behavior and have moved the topic to bugs.

Prior to upgrading to version 21.11.95, I was using 21.9.27 and this issue was not present in that version. So the bug must have been introduced somewhere in between these versions.

I really depend on this to function correctly, and have December 31 year ends to do in the first week of January. Do you know approximately when this might get fixed? I hope you can give this some priority please, given the year end.

Forgot to add a requested screenshot.

That is entirely up to @lubos. All I can do is move the topic to bugs, which will alert him to the problem.

Status of Payment is pending, should be cleared.

I.e you have to clear the payment status, your screenshot below show it is pending:

Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 18.04.58

Changed, but it had no effect on the inventory quantity, so the issue is still present.

Please try to replicate the following in your test business. Make sure you also have setup a supplier (in my case John)

  1. Create a simple inventory item as below and provide a Unit name (such as Kg). Note that I did not enable anything futher.

  2. Create a Payment, ensure that all information is as in my screenshot.

  3. Click on the Inventory items tab, you should see the quantity added as below:

If you get the same result then I am not sure what you try to report.


I followed your steps, and under these precise conditions the inventory quantity was calculated correctly in tab “Inventory Items”.

Now I kindly ask you to try the following:

In your payment, uncheck “Column - Unit Price”, and in field “Amount” enter 100. Then go to tab Inventory Items, and tell me if you still see the quantity as 5. It changes to zero on mine!

That would automatically result in 0 quantity. How would Manager know that Qty would be 5 when only entering a total?

No, see this screen shot. Change to exactly as shown:

Selecting a supplier John had no effect either way, so that’s not relevant. It’s not shown on this screenshot, but I’ve tried it both ways.

You are right :slight_smile: This is incorrect as it should have added the Qty and it does not. Good find and as it is already in bugs, hopefully something that @Lubos will be able to fix.


There is nothing that @Lubos cannot do!

The same thing also happens on the Receipt side, when an inventory item is sold - it does not get subtracted from the quantity total, if the Receipt is filled out as follows:

The behavior on the receipts side is essentially identical to the payment.

This is another adverse consequence of the recent change that automatically suppresses the quantity field.

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