Cash sale inventory problem

i am making a cash sale by receiving money in my bank account and using inventory item. but the problem is that it is not reducing the inventory by the number that is sold, making the end result that is overstating the inventory

No one else reports this problem. Can you post some screen shots? They should show:

  1. Inventory quantity on hand before the transaction. This can be a screen shot of the Inventory Items register.

  2. Cash receipt edit screen for the transaction.

  3. Inventory quantity on hand after the transaction.

Note, this must be a new transaction, not a previous one, in order to provide all three of the screen shots.

You will need to provide details illustrating the situation, just making a general statement doesn’t provide any guidance on how to make any response - screenshots would assist.

In the following, (1) Inventory before, (2) a Receive Money Cash Sale and (3) Inventory after