Receipts section Blank

Dealing with the past few days with Manager not loading on W7, but we have figured that out. Now, when Receipts is selected it is blank. No matter how you access it. Via customer invoice or directly on the sidebar.
Any help on this topic is appreciated.

Acutally, nothing is opening up to edit or input

Though I am not dismissing your topic, I still have to mention that Windows 7 or 8 are unsupported by Microsoft as of this date, even extended support for windows 8 will expire soon in January 2023.

In order for Manager to perform as expected, it is recommended that you consider upgrading to Windows 10 or 11 because at any time in the future, any browser update would likely cause loss of function.

Since there is no traceback or error message that shows, it is possible that you might have some kind of software/data corruption. Try the following:

  1. Create a test business and see see if the problems persist there
  2. Ensure that you have the latest version of Manager installed
  3. If you have the latest version, repair or reinstall and see if the problem still persists

@EdMar is it just one particular receipt or every single one doing this?