Receipts & Payments

I can not find my Payees in Customer,Supplier or other. There is no drop down list to refer to anymore. What do I do now… I do not use Customers or Suppliers as I am inputting general transaction data into my Bank Account. I am manually typing my Payees into other at the moment.
Please help

The dropdown list is still there with customers, suppliers and other.

What do you mean by not using customers and suppliers? Are the tabs for customers and suppliers active?

Can you provide more details like the version and screeshots?

That is how it works. Other type payees are not stored. Auto complete does not even work, but that is the subject of bug report already.

Yes, I mean auto complete of Other is not working. When do you think this bug report will be resolved. It was a handy feature to have before Customers, Suppliers and Other in the Payees Box was implemented in a previous update.

Thank You

Bug resolution is up to the developer.