Autocomplete for payer / payee missing

After upgrading to this new desktop version, I noticed that the “Receipts & Payments” form now has a new way of entering the Payee or Payer, giving me 3 options, Customer, Supplier, and Other. While I do not have a major problem with the change, I noticed that when I choose “Other” it apparently no longer saves the nam as I have ot entr the name all over again. The previous version I was using (I think it was 20.5.44 or 46) saved the name of Payees, allowing me to only start entering the name, and it would then appear.
I would much prefer not to have to enter a whole list of Suppliers, as there are time I may use a Payee only a few times for the year.
Is ther another work around? Or can you revert to the saving of the Payee’s name under the “Other” section as before?

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Enter your suppliers and customers once in the respective Manager tabs. You will then be able to select them when entering a payment or receipt.

In the future you are very likely also to be able to see these transactions in the supplier / customer reports.

Batch update can be used to add supplier/customer links to old transactions.

I would classify this a bug. What @AmadorGil describes is nothing more than the autocomplete feature that has been available for years. It is still available in other tabs, but seems to have been accidentally omitted for payers/payees in the Other category on receipts and payments.


I was under the impression that auto complete in the free text field was a browser function. It is not occurring in the new “other” field only because the user has not yet entered that text into the new field. If the user was to continue entering free text into that field the “feature” would again occur.

A better solution is to actually enter the suppliers and customers into Manager. The feature will then be supported from all terminals reliably and with enhanced future reporting.

I maybe wrong though.

My tests so far show no auto completion. But maybe there is a threshold that must be passed first.

I have also noticed but I thought the new way of selecting payees/payer is still a WIP.

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.66)

Thanks a million. Works perfectly as it has drawn all payees that I do not want to list as Suppliers together.

Now only need to add to the Payee list - Employees, or make it automaticaly update the payee category when I make a payment to an employee.


@AmadorGil, if you make a payment to an employee, you will naturally categorize the employee as Other. So their name will be incorporated into the auto-complete suggestion list.

Note that the developer has previously announced plans to add both employees and expense claim payers as types of payers/payees. But there is more to both than just names in a list. Both involve subsidiary ledgers, which Other payers/payees do not.

@Tut, Got you. Was just a suggestion, but I am patient and I will wait.

Thanks for the update