Receipts & Payments Summary

Is there a way to create a RECEIPTS only Summary without the Payments part?

Please help

Export the report to Excel or Word and delete the payments part?

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Good point. But cannot it be done or customized within Manager?

You can do this with a custom report, applying a filter for transactions containing “Receipt”. See


Thank you very much @Tut

Our Church raised funds (recorded as a liability) to assist those affected during a recent event in October 2020. Within the same month, all amounts raised were disbursed. Is there a way to show both receipts and payments in October for the particular fund without having to create 2 accounts (one for receipt and one for disbursements)? The report does not show the amounts transacted in October.

Mark the receipts from Donors/customer (paid to your business for the service your business provides which is sourcing and support of a worthy cause), Payments to beneficiary/supplier (for being a worthy cause). Set both to the GST Free tax code.

Manger reports will then show turnover.

Using separate account or sub accounts would also work

How did you record the transactions? (Not what account, but what type of form?)

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I used the Receipts & Payments form to record the transactions.

Please post screen shots of:

  • The Edit screen for the Receipts & Payments Summary
  • The Edit screen of a representative receipt or payment
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Thanks but the transactions still do not show up. However when I record payments debiting the account in a different month i.e., November, both transactions showed up.

That depends what report you look at.

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I was looking at Reports>Cash & Cash Equivalents>Receipts and Payments Summary. I have no issues with Reports>Cash & Cash Equivalents>Bank Account Summary.

Thanks for the response. Screens posted.

What happens if you reverse the order of columns on the report, leaving all else the same?

The amounts still don’t show.

I experimented with the payment in November 2020 and both amounts showed up.

Thanks for assisting. Also, if I only made a payment of $300.00 in October 2020 the same month when we received $500.00, the report shows up as a receipt of $200.00 (net receipt).

@T.O.M, I apologize. I feel like an idiot. The Receipts & Payments Summary is just that—a summary, not a transactions list. So the figures on it are net movement in the accounts during the defined period. (That terminology is used throughout the program.) In the absence of other transactions, the net will appear as a receipt or payment depending on its direction, that is, whether the sum of transactions equals receiving money or paying it out.

As an excuse, I can only say that I have never used that report for trying to track transactions. I use it as Manager’s best alternative for a cash flow summary. And your exact situation didn’t hit me until you posted the two screen shots for identical amounts. (I know, in your first post you said all amounts raised were disbursed within the same month, but it just didn’t sink in.)

If you drill down on the blue hyphens, you should see the transactions. If you want a list of transactions rather than a summary, use the General Ledger Transactions report and choose only the account involved.

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No worries. Thanks for assisting.

Yes, I too use the report to track cash flow-in and out of individual accounts. Hopefully, in a future release, will provide an option to either show individual (receipts and payments) totals or net movements.