Receipts report

Can I generate a report that will only show Receipts (as below) and not include the list of Sales Invoices?

If this is a custom report, post a screen shot of the definition page for it. If not, what is it?

OK Thanks - Custom Report!

If I correctly understand what you want, you are almost there. Make these changes:

  • Delete the fourth selection item. Transaction + Reference is where you are getting the “list” you don’t seem to want.
  • Change the third filter to “Where…Transaction contains Receipt.” You don’t need to display a field to use it in a filter.
  • Use the Description field to describe what the list includes, such as "Receipts by Tracking Code and Customer.

Be aware this report is only going to give you receipts applied to sales invoices (via the Accounts receivable account). Cash receipts that don’t affect that account will be ignored.

Thanks again Tut - did want I want - BUT - can I take it one step further to produce the report with the sales invoice as below - without all the transactions showing above the Group?

Using the following:


Now you are doing something completely different than what you originally asked about. The report you have just shown has nothing to do with receipts. And I suspect that the group of sales invoices showing at the top of your report don’t have any tracking codes assigned.

Thanks once again Tut - but yes the sales invoices and receipts have the same tracking code - does that help?

The only thing you are filtering by is the date. So you will get lots of transactions you don’t want. Go back to your first version and make the changes I suggested.

Thanks Tut - they are 2 different report set ups - but will follow your suggestion

Away for a couple of weeks so will try on return

Will they give me the sales invoices as well as receipts?

They will give you what you ask for. Try them and see. They can always be modified or deleted.

Hi Tut - have returned and tried your last suggestion - BUT - I get the list of transactions I don’t want (at the top of the report) in this second report set up. Is there any way (or Custom Report) in which I can list the Sales Invoices and their receipts under the Tracking Codes (as shown above) without the general list at the top?
Both the Sales Invoices and the Receipts/payments for each have the same tracking code?

Hi Tut - sorry about the previous reply - BUT - I have solved my own problem with the set up below.