Receipt and Payment Summary without Account Payable/Receivable

Hello there. Been using Manager for a few years and is very happy :-).

So I make invoices for sales and purchases. When I pay/receive the invoiced amount the account credited/debited is Account Payable/Account Receivable.

I want to a cashflow report (receipt and payment summary) that shows the various invoiced accounts and not only Account Payable and Account Receivable.

Is there any way of creating this while still using Sales Invoice / Purchase Invoice functions?


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No, the Cash Flow Summary only shows that payments were posted to Accounts Payable and receipts posted to Accounts Receivable

What exactly are you looking for? there may be other reports that can produce the information required or maybe you can create a custom report

Have you tried drilling down on the figures in the Receipts and Payments Summary? Depending on what information you are actually looking for, that might give it to you. So might the General Ledger Transactions report.

Thanks for the replies guys. What I am looking for is a report that includes all cash-movements in detail. So instead of having one relatively big number under Account Payable it should show the various accounts where the funds eventually ended up.

If there is no work-around on this I will just add details of Account Payable and Account Receivable as additional reports. Or alternatively perhaps use the Account Payable and Account Receivable-functions a bit differently (create fewer invoices and just use payment-function). Thank you for feedback!

Have you looked at a General Ledger Transactions report for a single account like Cash at bank?

Hello Tut. Yes I looked at it. It shows each transaction, while I only need each account.

I think I did not specify correctly my needs. So when I make a Sales Invoice I choose various different income-accounts such as 1) cleaning, 2) repairs, 3) taxi-services, 4) gardening-service, etc, etc.

When I make my Payments & Receipt reports I wish that it would include each of these accounts instead of only Account Receivables.

Thank for all your help! :slight_smile:

There is no connection between the receipt from the customer and the various sales accounts.

Imagine if you billed the customer 100 for cleaning and 50 for repairs, and he made a part payment of 100. So did he pay you for the cleaning and not the repairs or half the cleaning and the full amount of the repairs or something in between?

If you want to know whatever the cash was used for you will have to forego the invoices and enter the receipts as a cash payment

The P and L shows how much you earned for each income type

The accounting expanation:
Think about the debits and credits.

If you credit sales, you debit customers. Therefore you will be able to only get a customer/sale or visa versa report.

If you credit sales, and debit cash directly (for cash sales, you skip the customer part), then only you will get a sales/cash or visa versa report.

If customers pay, you credit customers, debit bank. So then you can get a cash/customer or visa versa report.

So you cashflow will depend on how you process your sales, via customers or direct cash sales.

Hope it make sense.

@Bloom the latest version has Cash Flow Statement report. If you create this report and select Direct report, you will see individual accounts behind paid invoices rather than accounts receivable / accounts payable control accounts.