Overpayments for Billable Time

A customer has overpaid his 1st invoice for billable time. When I print off his invoice for the 2nd round of billable time, I want to show that his account is in credit - but the 2nd invoice does not have a “receipt” section showing previous payments. Suggestions please.

Send a customer statement showing transactions with the invoice.

Your situation arose because you designated the entire first receipt for the first invoice. Therefore, Manager assigned all the money to it, making it overpaid. The second invoice is independent. If you edit the receipt by removing the invoice assignment, Manager will only credit as much to the first invoice as is necessary to satisfy the balance due. The remainder will be an unassigned credit in the customer’s subsidiary ledger under Accounts receivable. That credit will be automatically applied to the second invoice and will show as such on the sales invoice when you view it.

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