Receipts auto numbering gets an unreasonable number

I have started using desktop version 18.9.35 which now has mixed cash/checking accounts receipts. I saw this happening in invoices in another topic but my problem started after using this version onwards.
When I try to use autonumbering instead of using my next number which should have been 50000289, it gets a number 9170803830307.
In the past, (2017) before I had the autonumbering feature, I used to enter there a description of payment like
BANK TRANSFER EPI009/170803/830306
Is there a way to fix this?
I could suggest a configuration like setting up initial automatic numbering (not only for receipts).
Is there a way to manually fix this?

What happened is that when assigning automatic numbers, Manager finds the highest pre-existing number. In doing so, it ignores alpha characters and punctuation marks. The results can be bizarre. I believe the next edition of the newsletter will have some information about how to handle situations like this with batch operations. It should be published around the first of the month. If you are not a subscriber, sign up at

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