Autonumbering in invoices, quotes, receipts - declare a start number

Can we have the option to declare the starting number for invoices, receipts, quotes etc?

I cannot use autonumbering in receipts because it keeps giving me a huge number to follow everytime. I cannot find any number like that in my previous receipts however I used to put text in the reference field long time ago before autonumbering was used.

Now I am forced to input every receipt number manually. I cannot find a way to fix it and I cannot also delete all text I had put in the older receipts (they are also too many).

Pls help.

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You do this by entering the starting number you want on the first transaction of the type. Your first sales invoice could be numbered 201800001. Your next one will be 201800002.

That is because you already have a big number entered somewhere. Read this Guide for details:

It is there somewhere. Sort the list of receipts and payments by clicking on the Reference column heading. Or use the Search function. See and Be aware (as the first Guide above says) that alphabetic content is ignored while searching for the highest number.

Use Batch Update. You can delete or renumber using the features of your spreadsheet program before pasting content back in. See I did this myself when the numbering options changed on records going back 5 years. It took just a few minutes.

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Many thnx for your detailed response
I will follow up with your instructions

Nicolas Christodoulou
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