Issue with automatic numbering

hello @lubos

so i had this great idea of entering all the past business transactions in Manager so that i could maintain my accounts in a single software. by law we are required to maintain the accounts for a minimum 8 years and just reports are not sufficient for various reasons.

now the problem is, the prior accounting software allowed us to set prefix for our transactions. so after entering these transactions with all the prefix which is as per the original, the automatic numbering in Manager is affected when entering the current transactions.

Old transactions had a numbering which ended at IN15-16/37 and the present numbering is in the range 19001.

Even though the reference for these old transactions are displayed as entered, I am not sure why Manager seems to identify these old reference number as 151637 omitting the alphabets and special characters. now the automatic numbering makes the newer transactions an increment of 151637 which is not desired.

since Manager only supports numbers for automatic numbering, why does it substitute an alphanumeric reference with just the numbers in them? in my opinion an alphanumeric reference should not be taken into account for automatic numbering. if not for this undesired behavior, the highest number would still be 19001 in my case.

can this be fixed please? else a lot of time invested for this is going to be another debit in my expense account. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The guide Use reference numbers explains this

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can workaround this, unless you create a custom field to hold the old reference numbers.

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@Joe91 thank you for pointing me to the guide. guess i should have read it earlier before i started with my great idea. anyway i learned that i should be reading the guides even for the basic things although everything in Manager looks self-explanatory.