Payments not appearing in Summary and Reports

Please see the attached screenshots. Payments / transactions are not appearing on the relevant reports. The balances are therefore incorrect also.

Can you show the edit screen for the report?

It is strange that the name of the Bank Account is different on the report and payment

HI, I have worked out what has happened based on your observation and question. When creating a payment, the dropdown list includes 'Seabury Sinking Fund Account" and ‘Sinking Fund Account’. I deleted the ‘Seabury Sinking Fund Account’ but it is still appearing in the dropdown

The Account dropdown list includes both bank and cash accounts (since a payment could come from either). Seabury Sinking Fund Account is very likely appearing as one or the other. Look in both tabs. What do you see?

You are right. Seabury Sinking Fund Account was a Cash account. Thanks