Receipt & Payment

I have a suggestion:

Could you add one column in Payment and Received against invoices (Purchase & Sales) that will shown the outstanding Balance of the invoice. So no need to rather to the invoice to see the invoice balance & send it both to the Customers.

So, it will shown the payment amount plus the outstanding balance of the invoice. i think this feature will help a lot companies who are using the manager including me.

Thank you.

Payments and receipts are independent transactions from invoices. Invoices can be unpaid, paid in full, or overpaid. But that status is not determined by any specific payment or receipt.

Suppose you have a sales invoice for 1,000. The customer makes 10 payments of 100 each over a period of weeks, recorded as receipts #1 through #10. What would you have the program show as the outstanding balance for receipt #2 after receipts #3 and #4 are recorded? The purpose of the Receipts & Payments tab is not to show status of invoices. That is found in the Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices tabs, where the current balance is shown.


Thanks for reply,

I agree that the receipt is independent transaction from invoice. But, adding this feature will be helping the companies to just send the receipt which is having the invoice details with. Anyway, regarding your Ques.
The Balance Should be updated Automatically when the payment is done, because the outstanding balance connected with the invoice & this is not affected with Received/Payment Amount.
So, regarding your example, after the 4th payment/Receipt done, the outstanding balance that showing in Receipt #1 to #4 should be same (600).
This is just showing in bar in “Receipt OR Payment” the invoice status as you said (Overpaid, paid in full & unpaid invoice) just it have to shown with figure amount in small bar in receipt.

This would result in erroneous balances being shown for past records. The balance after receipt #1 was not 600. My question was not actually meant to obtain your suggestion about what should be shown. It was meant to cause you to think about the situation so you would realize why this should not be done.

I am not sure I completely understand your last paragraph. If you are referring to having the invoice balance show when choosing where to post a receipt or payment, that has been discussed in another thread that is already in the ideas list: Remove "Paid in full" invoices from the drop down list.