Receipt instead of Payment, my mistake

Hi guys,

I entered the wrong info when making a receipt from a customer and I clicked on Payment instead of Receipt. Now my status on the job is saying overpaid. How do I reverse my mistake.


I just want to add, I received payment for a job and clicked Payment where’s I should have click Receipt.

Just edit the transaction and change it to a receipt. It will become one when you click Update.

Oh, ok I’ll give that a crack.


No this didn’t work, it just added more Overpaid money

Post a screen shot of the receipt’s Edit screen.

Ok, I just deleted the two transactions and this seem to fix things up.


What two transactions? You never mentioned having two. You just said you’d entered a receipt as a payment. If you deleted the transaction, you now have no record of the receipt.

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When I did the following “just edit the transaction and change it to a receipt. It will become one when you click Update” this created more overpaid funds on this invoice and I had two overpaid amounts, so I thought I’ll just delete these two and see what happens, this seemed to clean up this issue.


In that case, you had done something besides what you described. According to your account, you now have nothing recorded to reflect the money the customer paid you, and you received, against the sales invoice. So instead of being paid in full, the sales invoice will still have its full balance due.

If you view the sales invoice, what does the mini-statement below the totals show? Can you post a screen shot?

Oh ok, I’m not great with accounting, here’s a screen shot.

Okay, so you did not delete at least one receipt applied to this sales invoice. If you deleted two transactions, you had three recorded. Or else you’ve entered receipts without designating a specific invoice for them to be applied to, and the program allocated all or part of one to this receipt automatically. If that happened, you may have another sales invoice you thought was paid that now is not.

But, if you say all is well, then maybe it is.

Yeah it’s odd, all seems to be in place at this stage, I need to dig further tonight when I have more time.

Thanks for the excellent response.