Receipt for Donations

Is there a was to issue a receipt for donations (products or financial). We run a Not For Profit organisation and often get donations of both money and products, if we do sales invoice then it shows as accounts receivable.

Just use Receive Money into the asset account. A receipt is generated:

(Unfortunately, there’s no way to enter the donor’s mailing address for the receipt.)

I can’t find asset account?

It is suggested that you have both Cash on Hand and Cash at Bank tabs activated.

For donated cash (in cash) you would use Cash on Hand - Receive Money and the line item account would be Cash Donations. To create the account Cash Donations go to Settings - Chart of Accounts and on the P&L side - New Account with Group being Income.

For donated cash (in cheque) you could use Cash on Hand or Cash at Bank depending when the Cheque is banked. When you bank monies from the Cash on Hand, use Bank Transfer.

For donated products you don’t do anything on their receipt as there is no monetary value, just physical items. If the products are sold, then there is monetary value and would use Receive Money and the line item account could be Income account - Product Donations

You would only use Sales Invoice if you sold product and payment for the product is being made at a later date

asset account = Bank Account or Cash Account