Receipts & Payments Option


An inquiry about adding an option to choose an account other than a cash or bank account, which can be chosen from among the company’s accounts when receiving a payment or paying a purchase bill.

So what is the question?

There are two fields on the Receipts & Payments form named Account. The first is for the cash or bank account affected by the transaction. You must define these in the Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts tabs before anything appears there. The second is for the balance sheet or profit and loss statement account where the transaction line item is posted. Which are you asking about, and what do you want to know?

Can you enable to choice form asset account when i make receipt and pay

What do you mean by Asset Account?

What kind of asset account - all of them are available when making a receipt or payment but in some cases you need to create sub-accounts to post the receipt or payment correctly

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