Charity Donation receipts

We are a non profit and at the end of the financial year we have to generate receipts for all people who have given to us over that year. I have created ‘customers’ for each person who donates to us through the yea, but I’m having trouble finding a report that I can run to show me the total each ‘customer’ has given for that financial year (1/4-31/3). I can sort the P&L by customer, but it gives me a list of their transactions with no total. So if they each give every week that is 52 lines to add up manually per ‘customer’. Is there another way I can generate an income by customer report? It is all cash receipts, no sales invoices as it is donation rather than sales.
Can anyone help me out with this?

have you checked the Customer Statements (Transactions) report?

Yes I have, it may only return a result if there is an invoice issued to a customer. It is a cash receipt so no money is owed, it doesn’t give me a result when I run a date search. Unless I’m doing it wrong. I’ve tried changing the dates but can’t seem to get any result from that report at all.

Customer statements only report transactions posted to Accounts receivable.

We don’t use accounts receivable for cash donations, there are too many individual ones to create an invoice for each donation, we receipt them combined at the end of the financial year. I enter them as a cash receipt against the Donor. I just need some kind of income by customer report. Any other ideas would be very welcome.

Have you tried creating a custom report?
Maybe with settings something like this:

Donations Income account is only an example - select the income account where you post your donations.

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Based on what you have written so far, @tinamarie, there does not seem to be any reason to have your donors created as customers. My point about Accounts receivable was meant to illustrate the fact that, if you aren’t issuing sales invoices, customers are pointless, because they are subsidiary ledgers of Accounts receivable.

@AJD you are a genius!! That worked perfectly!! Thank you so so much!!

Your welcome @tinamarie