A bug? selling stock

when selling a stock item via cash accounts - receive money. Once a stock item has been selected the sell price auto populates. however once you enter a quantity in the the box , the sell price still reflects the single unit price. this is really annoying when trying to sell more than a quantity of 1 as you need a calculator handy to adjust the price box.

Search the forum. There have been many topics addressing multiple price levels and plans for them.

Are you saying that you have - Unit Price, Quantity and Total and that the Unit Price x Quantity is not changing the Total when the Quantity is greater then one under “Cash Accounts - Receive Money”

I assumed @madmacka meant that when the quantity was increased, the unit price should adjust to reflect appropriate volume discount. So, my answer was meant to convey the fact that this capability does not yet exist.

On the other hand, if @madmacka’s comment meant that the extended price (unit price x quantity) is not changing, then an entry error of some type is being made. The program very definitely adjusts line item extended amounts when quantities change.

hi, no not as complicated as that.

when selling, on the account line, i choose “stock sales” which adds the box for “inventory Item” i then choose from the drop down the item ie “TV” this then fills the amount box with $100 for example. the next box is QTY, if i enter 2 in the QTY box and tab out the amount still remains at $100 where i would have expected it to adjust to $200

if i leave it as is and continue with out manually adjusting the figure in the amount box the receipt reads QTY 2 amount $100 total $100.

What Brucanna said

Isn’t the first amount box only the per unit selling price, by changing the quantity I wouldn’t expect that per unit selling price would change, but the total value of the invoice should change.

If the per unit selling price did change as you outlined then the invoice would total 400 (200 x 2).
By chance, are you not seeing where the invoice total is being displayed. Perhaps a screen shot could assist here further.

@madmacka, there is an inconsistency how you create invoices and how you create receipts. Receipts don’t have a concept of unit price but it’s something I will be adding in future.

thanks, predominantly i am using the cash account -> receive money to complete transactions. mainly due to using the software as a POS system also. very few of our transactions are account based. so the issuing of an invoice only then to turn around and pay it immediately is too time consuming with the customer in front of you. ( our actual implementation of Manager is for accommodation sales in a very small van park.

forgot to ask, do you have a eta, as id really like to using a calculator each time i sell a number of items of the same type through cash accounts.

for me it would be idea to be on tab out of box, if QTY > 1 then amount = QTY * Amount

Don’t have ETA but I will be doing this at the same time as I move inventory items under Items column which is another highly requested feature.