Receipt and payment dropdown

hello users
its just a suggestion and it might be useful in some cases.

is it possibe to add employee also in payment or recept dropdown as payer or payee.

because currently when i issue a receipt and select in the dropdown i only see customer, supplier, others. Can you add employee also??

there are some cases where the employee might be needed in such forms

If an employee is also interacting with your business as a customer (buying something from the business) or supplier (providing goods or services to the business outside their employment terms & conditions) then it would be reasonable to add them as a customer or supplier for that transaction.

Combined reporting of all of an entities interactions (Customer, Supplier, employee, Expense Claim Payers) with a Manager business has been discussed however is not yet available. I suspect that would require having a contacts database within which various roles could be individually selected Copy Customer to Supplier and vice versa - #2 by Patch

for the purpose of tracking payments to your employees, you can tag them accordingly with “Employee Clearing Account” >> (Employee)

(Note: if the payment is related to an income by the employee, you will still have to record the compensation under Payslip)

If the purpose of paying your employee is to reimburse an expense, you can activate Expense Claims. Read this for guidance Use expense claims | Manager
Set up expense claim payers | Manager